piedmontese wines

For the sale of Piedmontese wines, whether retail or wholesale, the provice of Alessandria can rely on Cantina Sociale of Cassine, where the best wines of the surrounding territory are transformed into wines that respect the traditions and high quality that have made Piedmont synonymous with great wines.

At the Cantina Sociale, which is close to Acqui Terme and Novi Ligure, is an advanced system for selling loose wines,and it is possible to request supplies in demijohns, or to rinse your own demijohns. By contacting us, you can reserve large quantities of wine in advance, that will be duly prepared and delivered in silos or other types of containers.


The Piedmontese wineryproduces wine for restaurant owners, hotel chains and wine bars who sell at retail, but also sells to end consumers who can find different offerings among the labels of the Cantina Sociale of Cassine:

  • young wines for the table and for contemplation
  • lively and firm wines
  • superior aged red wines
  • white dessert wines

The varieties are many and respect all the most authentic local traditions, but with the advantage of innovations in both technological and agricultural research. We are waiting for you to come taste our wines.

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